Conference Presentations

Day 1

Climate Services Role in Food Resilience Challenges

  • Introducing the Climate Resilience Toolkit & Ideating It's Evolution to Serve Farmers, Ranchers, and Water Resource Managers (.pdf)
    David Herring, Director of Communications and Education, Climate Program Office, NOAA
  • The Climate Resilience Toolkit and the Water Utility and Planning Communities (.pdf)
    Nancy Beller-Simms, Sectoral Applications Research Program, Climate Program Office, NOAA
  • Climate Science Perspectives from the Rural Southwest (.pdf)
    Michael Crimmins, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist - Climate Science Department of Soil, Water, & Environmental Science, The University of Arizona
  • AgroClimate: Lessons Learned Developing Tools for the Southeast USA (.pdf)
    Clyde Fraisse, University of Florida

Climate Change Issues

  • USDA Southwest Regional Hub for Climate Change (.pdf)
    Albert Rango, USDA Southwest Regional Climate Hub
  • The Relative Importance of Climate in Agricultural Decisions about Risk Management and Adaptation (.pdf)
    Tonya Haigh, National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacities of Selected Southwestern Crops to Climate Change (.pdf)
    Emile Elias, Jornada Experimental Range, USDA ARS
  • Climate Change, Diversified Agriculture and Adaptive Capacity in Hawaii (.pdf)
    Caitriana Steele, Jornada Experimental Range, NMSU
  • Food for Thought: Strategies for Sustainable Agricultural Production in the Columbia River Basin in an Altered Future (.pdf)
    Kirti Rajagopalan, Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources, Washington State University

Preparedness for Drought and Climate Variability

  • Exploring Summer Season Precipitation Monitoring Strategies for Arizona Ranchers and Range Managers to Support Enhanced Drought Planning and Response (.pdf)
    Michael Crimmins, University of Arizona
  • Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacities of Southwest Rangeland Livestock Production to Climate Change (.pdf)
    Kris Havstad, Jornada Experimental Range, USDA ARS
  • Agro-Climatic Prediction System for Better Decision Making in Latin America (.pdf)
    Diana Carolina Giraldo Mendez, International Center for Tropical Agriculture
  • AgroClimate Mobile Apps for Decision Making in Agriculture (.pdf)
    Clyde Fraisse, University of Florida
  • Crop Water Use (Irrigation) Tool (.pdf)
    Gene Stevens, University of Missouri
  • Ubiquitous Approach for Disseminating Regional Soil-Plant-Water Balance Information for Decision Support in Agriculture (.pdf)
    Rémi Cousin, International Research Institute for Climate And Society, Earth Institute, Columbia University

NOAA New Products and Services

  • Climate Hazards Impact Discussion - Experimental (CHIDE) (.pdf)
    John Eise, NOAA National Weather Service Central Region Headquarters
  • Heat waves over the US and the Madden-Julian Oscillation: Prospects for Subseasonal Excessive Heat Outlooks (.pdf)
    Augustin Vintzileos, University of Maryland - ESSIC
  • CPC New Products and Services (.pdf)
    Mike Halpert

Day 2


  • Extreme Climate Conditions Past and Future: Implications for Food Security and Water Resources (.pdf)
    Kenneth Kunkel, North Carolina State University, NCDC
  • NIDIS Upper Colorado River Basin Drought Early Warning System (.pdf)
    Zach Schwalbe, Colorado State University

Building Services Capacity

  • Facilitating the Use of Drought Early Warning Information through Interactions with Stakeholders (.pdf)
    Jason Otkin, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Building Capacity for Climate Monitoring and Drought Management on the Wind River Indian Reservation (.pdf)
    Crystal Stiles, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Project Operation Planning in Response to Drought (.pdf)
    Bryan Baker, USACE ERDC-CRREL-NH

Regional Aspects

  • Some Aspects of Regional Dust Storms and Drought Episodes Including their Synoptic Climatology, Impacts and Forecast Methodology in Southern New Mexico and far West Texas (.pdf)
    David Novlan, NOAA National Weather Service
  • Determining Climatological Patterns of Dryness and Drought at a Regional to Local Scale Across the Carolinas (.pdf)
    Charles Konrad, University of North Carolina
  • Strengthening Adaptive Capacity at a Landscape Scale: Developing Climate Adaptation Actions on the North Rim Ranch in Northern Arizona (.pdf)
    Cerissa Hoglander, Grand Canyon Trust
  • The Role of Climate and Water Resources Data in Societal Decisions within the Klamath Basin of Oregon and California (.pdf)
    Mark Deutschman, Houston Engineering, Inc.
  • Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts Affected by Multi-decadal Climate Variability and Change
    David Gutzler, University of New Mexico
  • What Does Drought Mean in Alaska? (.pdf)
    Richard Thoman, NOAA National Weather Service Alaska Region Headquarters

Emerging Issues

  • The Water Theme of the Climate Data Initiative: Leveraging Federal Water Data Holdings (.pdf)
    Emily Read, US Geological Survey (presented by Nancy Beller-Simms, NOAA Climate Program Office)
  • Results of the American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Board on Enterprise Planning (BEP) Integrated Water Resources (IWR) Annual Partnership Topic (APT) (.pdf)
    Daniel Matusiewicz, NOAA National Weather Service
  • The Synoptic Climatology of South Central and Southwestern New Mexico and far Western Texas Flash Floods (.pdf)
    Joseph Rogash, NOAA National Weather Service

Day 3

Dealing with Data

  • The Use of New Datasets in the Monitoring of Drought Onset, Severity and Recovery in New Mexico (.pdf)
    Deirdre Kann, NOAA National Weather Service WFO Albuquerque
  • The Climate Outcome Likelihood Application and the California Drought (.pdf)
    Kelly Redmond & Nina Oakley, Western Regional Climate Center / Desert Research Institute
  • The "Dirty Thirties" Repeated: Decision Support Services Provided During a Modern Dust Bowl (.pdf)
    Nicholas Fenner, NOAA National Weather Service WFO Amarillo

Decision Support at Various Time/Space Scales

  • Climate Information for Disaster Management: Bridging the Weather and Climate Timescales (.pdf)
    Andrea Bair, NOAA National Weather Service Western Region Headquarters
  • Enhancement of Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT) to Support Food Resilience (.pdf)
    Annette Hollingshead, NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center
  • Army Research Lab Meteorological Sensor Array Initiative
    Robb Randall, Army Research Laboratory
  • Tailoring the Data Process to Regional Climate Information Needs: From Comparisons and Code to Transformations and Tools (.pdf)
    Jeremy Weiss, University of Arizona

National and International Aspects

  • An Innovative Online Course to Teach Extension Agents and Agricultural Producers About Climate Change Impacts on Livestock (.pdf)
    Pam Knox, University of Georgia
  • Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP) Collaboration with National Weather Service (NWS): The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts (.pdf)
    Tina Buxbaum, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
  • Preparing for Climate Changes Along the U.S.-Mexico Border (.pdf)
    Gregg Garfin, University of Arizona / CLIMAS
  • JMA's Contribution to Improving Climate Risk Management (.pdf)
    Sakie Hira, Japan Meteorological Agency
  • Predicting Seasonal Hydro-Climatic Extremes in the Greater Horn of Africa (.pdf)
    Tsegaye Tadesse, National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • The CPC Regional Hazards Outlook: On Reducing Food Insecurity (.pdf)
    Miliaritiana Robjhon, NOAA NWS Climate Prediction Center